Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I feel bad. I'm getting worried about the future. I know that according to The Secret you have to stay positive in most times. But this time I don't think I have to stay positive. It hurts to think that you can't get what you want. You have obligations. What you earn doesn't stay on you. You have to give a part of it to the persons who demand something or who oblige something from you. That's me and my fiance. We have responsibilities. Not to mention that we are saving for the future but we can''s because as long as we're single we have responsibilities. We don't earn big as of now and I don't know if when are we going to experience the one called wealth. I just have to ask my self all the time...Why am I not born rich? If only I have something and I'm willing to give a help...that's the sad truth..I have nothing.

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