Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happenings for the Week

Mother's day ramp is here. and that means a lot of mean, demanding and trying hard agents are to flock HR again to complain of their salaries. this is the time where i get totally pissed off. i'm supposed to be sent to Manila to organize the ramp and come to think of it, 3 weeks!!! that means 3 weeks away from Iloilo and 3 weeks without seeing Jet!! ugh that sucks. i just bought my travel luggage, prepared my clothes, bugged our Finance for my per diem until Carol finally said, my trip is cancelled. wahahhaha happy! there's no way i will go to Manila. that place is cursed. all sorts of crimes are there. Though i once fancied going to the Mall of Asia, i changed my mind. i'd rather shop at SM City Iloilo afterall it's still SM.

we hired Paula as our Payroll project hire. She's my only friend when i worked at SM before. now she's with Ventus. hopefully HR will absorb her afterall, Joie might be resigning. she ok. she's fast but a lil not too accurate pa, hehe. more practice.

ok. now here's some out of the topic thing. Jet has a toothache. it's not that painful but it's sensitive "ngilo". he was like, frowning all the time and he can't eat!!! i'll accompany him to the dentist this Saturday. but the problem now is, he's grumpy. i understand that the pain is affecting his mood but i just can't stand not talking to him. and that made matters worse. we ended up quarelling, huhuhu. but we're doin fine. but not that sweet today.

just this morning, i read an email regarding ramp agents complaining that they were not paid correctly. their manager said that these agents will bring the matter to court!!! i feel awful, seems like they blame everything to Payroll. but you that? that's the Team Leader's fault coz they don't organize there reports. especially this curly haired TL, i get pissed off when she submits her reports. the names are all scrambled, some agents doesn't have hours plotted on the time reports. that's why every time i request and they would complain, it fires me up!!! i was like, "can you settle the matter with your team leader coz we don't know how many hours you rendered for the day". i feel really bad putting all the blame to payroll. is this the credit we get? agents doesn't even know the word courteous. they are trying hard americans!!! but they are fake. i swear they are.