Monday, May 26, 2008


Yesterday was so badtrip. Imagine ha, my shift is 6:30AM. Friday afternoon we packed all our stuff to transfer to our new office. Monday morning as I entered the new office, it was a total mess!! Our computers were not connected, no phones, all was disorganized and dusty. If I haven't emailed those freakin fas, and computer freaks, they wouldn't have taken action. I was being emailed by big boar that I was shouting at him in my email because I had the font adjusted to be able to read clearly, dammit don't you know that shouting in the email is ALL CAPS?! And what really caused me highblood was this trying hard computer geek who barged into the HR confidential files to look for his transcripts!!! Then what he just said was sorry? the hell was that? I just felt that nobody was actually respecting HR now. Just because all of us htere are goody? Watch out!!! If I can't hold my patience any longer, I'll fire the hell out your ass!!! I was so mad. I wasn't able to accomplish my tasks for the day. All I did was arrange all my stuff in my smaller station. Not to mention that I don't feel well. I had a sore throat and my voice bacame hoarse. darn!!! But all seem to fade when I get to see my fiance. He put me in the nice mood again.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I'm the type of person who worries to much of what will happen next. I've experienced hardships in life and in relationships but thankful that I'm happy with the present. Just this afternoon, Jet called telling me some financial issues and the rest of my gang here at the office had a problem on adjusting a last pay. I'm beginning to absorb their negative energy and I felt heavy inside.

Last night, Jet made me "pikon" when he teased me to being fat. I was reading the Secret that time and what a coincidence that I was able to open to the page where the topic is "The Secret and your Body"..which stated that if you keep thinking "fat thoughts" there's no way a diet will work and you'll forever be fat for the rest of your life. Come to think of it, one cannot think "thin thoughts" and get fat.. Get the point? So, it's as simple to "think positive" all the time. It attracts every happy thought you think. Just like Peter Pan..."think of a happy thought and you'll fly"

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I read one of my emails this morning. Our boss will be on VL for a couple of days and she emailed some endoresments. at the end of the email, she congratulated one of us for a job well done. I felt a rush of envy for her. I dunno. It's not that I wanted be be appreciated it's just that I felt pity for myself. I'm trying my best to keep my work good and accurate but I just can't get rid of mistakes. I know that my supervisor observes my work. I always delay hers, I cause a lot of disputes that affected the whole team. I blame myself for everything. Though we say we're just human and we commit mistakes, but this is worse than I thought. I've been with the company for a couple of months now and I should have perfected my work but I still can't. Do I belong here? Should I belong here? I love everything in this company but I still fear the result of my PAR. This is where we base the increase of my salary. If I don't get this good, I'll be paid low. Hay Val, when will you learn?

Monday, May 19, 2008


Jet called this morning telling me he might be in Guimaras this Saturday for their company's get together. he kept telling me he's hesitant to go at first coz he's not comfortable with the crowd. Then he just said he might go coz his Manager will also go along but they'll just go home in the afternoon. I felt bad. I wanted to spend time with him this Saturday. Last week he went to Capiz. This week he'll go to Guimaras? Ahay ah!! I just feel bad coz it's always our schedule every week end to spend time with each other coz for the rest of the weekdays, we're at work. Am I too selfish? Childish?

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Last Friday was soooo hectic. We had our check release for the part-time agents. To think that the line outside the office was almost until outside of the building and it's still raining!!! The checks arrived late from the bank and we still have to attach the paystatements to 470 checks!!! Our VP was here and she went nuts seeing the crowd. we released the checks before the scheduled time as ordered by our Manager, come to think that we're not yet prepared and organized. Checks were scrambled, no paystatements were found, and a lot. My throat dried up, heat starting to rise on my head, I can't even feel the aircon!!! Even our HR Manager and VP helped in the releasing, naks!!! nahuya ko ya.

Last Saturday I stayed home. Jet went home to Capiz with h is sibs. I decided to had my body reflexed. When it started, I felt the utmost pain almost all over my body and a sign of relief after. The following day, I still stayed home, I was expecting that Jet will arrive from Capiz Sunday afternoon. If I hadn't texted his sister, I wouldn't have known that they changed their plan. Grrrrr I was so mad. He didn't even text!!!! Humanda siya!!! He should have texted me!!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Dad called this afternoon telling me that I still can't go home!!! I don't have anymore dress here with me!! I miss my bed. I miss watching TV. I miss rolling on my bed early in the morning. Oh and my mirror, my dresser, my pocketbooks. Usually, I miss my things at home. the usual that I do. Fart that flood!! I can't even cross the flooded streets. how I wish I can go home tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


"Rain, rain go away, come again another day. Little ladies wants to play."... Super grabe ang rain. I didn't go home yesterday coz my place was flooded. I spent the night with Jet at his boarding house. I didn't get enough sleep because I hate the sound of the terrible wind and rain!!! I didn't bring any clothes with me so what I did, I ran to the nearest thrift shop and bought something cheap. I didn't have enough money!!! I went to the office early though my shift is 12:30pm. I called home, dad answered that the water just got in the house. If it won't subside till this afternoon, I'm stuck for one night again here!!! Di ko na kaya kay wala nako bayo!!!! Grrrrrr!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Nothing much has happened that made some "impact" to my day. I'm ok, hehe. Tomorrow is payday and that means a lil income, and some "utang" to pay. hayyyy. this question seems to bug off my mind..."When am i going be rich?" seldom asked but always dreamed of. It's pretty much harder to save not to mention that you only get a lil "ok" salary to pay some much "pissed" bills and spend some "farty" expenses for the rest of the days until payday again. I'm getting old, that's the fact. In some years I'm settling down (still hoping I will) and will have a kid to feed (hoping that I can conceive one).
I just happened to answer and online "GOD Answers" multiple choice. there's this question, what is something I'm hard to let go of and I answered "Worries". I worry everything. and I don't know why. I worry all, from work to life. Seems that I don't trust myself and my destiny. I'm always with the word WHAT IF?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Can I bang my head?

First, I'm so relieved that Jet and I made up already. We met last Saturday after logging out from the office. We had lunch then went to see Sam Milby and anne Curtis on their Kapamilya Caravan blah blah blah. the bad thing is, I never get to see them. Coz I'm so short!!! grrrrrrr!!!! so Jet decided to watch the amateur boxing at Robinsons. how he just loved boxing. watch out, everytime Pacquiao plays, you'll never hear my cellphone ring. he is too "concentrated"...

It was so funny coz the guy he thought was a good fighter got knocked out on the 1st round, hehehe he was so funny coz before the game he had a sparring moment with his coach, and Jet thought he'll win coz his punches were sa strong until he just got knocked out in the ring.

We finally went to chuch. then in the middle of the homily, Jet said sorry for being such a jerk for a couple of days (that was our 6-day fight). he confessed that he hated if I "dedma" him. So he did "dedma" me also for me to realize what I've done. Wellllll.... to make the story short, peace na kami. he planted a kiss on my forehead during the sign of peace. Sweeeeeetttttt... I love it....

Oh and Mother's Day was okay. my brother was home from Roxas, I watched ASAP, Nanny McPhee(which actually is a good film), BUZZ (Jericho Rosales cried so hard on his breakup with Heart, huhuhuhu) the hell I care...

Now here's the worst part. TODAY...count my malas:

  1. Smart account sent multiples of disputes!!!
  2. I got pissed off coz the time report tracker is incorrect!!!!
  3. My ramp just got delayed coz of the stupid holiday hours!!
  4. Oh by the way, did i just mentioned that my smart disputes focused mainly on HOLIDAY PAY?
  5. I have to adjust one whole previews payout for the holiday pay!!!
  6. Agents who submitted ATM forms are all incomplete and they still get the neerve to get mad?!
  7. My supervisor scolded me for giving information to a certain jerk who was so mad because an agent didn't pay his "utang" to her.
  8. My supervisor just said it nicely but I know she's mad. That's against the guidelines!!!
  9. i have no more money (When pa ang sweldo man?)
  10. Manila ramp just called for their disputes!!!

that's it... so far, my not so so so good day...

Thursday, May 8, 2008


My whole day was a mess. Until now Jet and I are war of the worlds. I almost cried in the office. I'm so mad that i wanted to punch someone. What's wrong with us? What's wrong with him? I would almost lose hope. As always and usual, I don't have a perfect relationship. I can't concentrate on my work now that I have my ramp request. My mind is not working at all. I want to settle the problem with him but he claims he's busy. Then he would change his mind and keeps calling me that he'll give me a ride to the office only that I'm now riding the jeepney headed to Ventus. Then he would put the blame that my cellphone is deaf. Then he would keep texting me that he'll go home to Capiz, leaving me here and don't want to spend the weekend with me then telling me again all sorts of things that would make me feel bad. Maybe he just misses me that's why he's being arrogant. we haven't seen each other for a couple of days coz it's raining and dad doesn't want us both to get wet from the rain. I want our relationship to last forever. But I don't know if what's planned for us.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Good and Bad happenings

First off, Jet's not in the mood for love. what i really meant was he's acting so arrogant since Sunday. just for a very dull reason that i wasn't able to answer his 6 missed calls. he hates it when he's being "dedma". We were exchanging bad moods for 3 days already. Or maybe we just missed each other coz i'm on a night shift and he never get to ride me home coz the weather is bad so i had my dad fetch me. hope we can make up by the weekend.

Finally, Ventus is moving to Lapaz!!!! we will have our own site!!! yahooooo... as Weng said, it's a 3-storey building and HR will be moving there too. i'll probably stay here for good. We just had our meeting and i felt a sign of relief when Weng finally decided to give the agents a headbutt. we will not credit exemptions to them if they submit late!!! yezzzzzz...

that's all for now. gotta go>>>