Friday, February 29, 2008


i had some premonitions before Jet's brother died. every time there's something bad will happen the first thing that happens to me is my breath becomes shorter. i can't take a deep breath! but i ignored them and all of a sudden, it happened. my brother-in-law died. then i have dreams of him. he looked for Jet in my dream and told me he'll go ahead. then he texts me In my dream the time 10:30.. what does that mean? just before his corpse arrives, i felt so cold and weak. then when we went back to the city, he appeared in my dream and told me to take care of his little girl. just yesterday i almost lost my breath in my sleep. i heard voices laughing and in my consciousness they were so happy that Jet's brother died. it sounded so evil.

now i'm in my office. i can't stay at home it will only make me sad. Jet went home to Roxas and i have no date!!! i might as well work my ass out here... no overtime... hehehehe... thtat's ok, after this i'll get something to eat, i'm starving...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Tragic Week...

i have no rest for the rest of the week. Audit came in the middle of out cut-off. my station is a mess, i haven't filed my documents yet. another cut-off is coming. i really wanted to rest on a saturday and spend my time with my fiance but some bad news came...his brother dies from a vehicular accident. it was a fatal death i knew what happened but i don't want to detail everything coz it just hurts to recall. i can't imagine his brother left them in just a blink of an eye. i went with them to capiz. it was a 4hour travel from the city. despite the tragedy, i enjoyed my stay at them. they are so hospitable. i never felt out of place. i toured every place, i didn't feel any hunger and exhaustion, really. i want to go back this holy week!!! yahoooo.....

the funny thing was, everybody, even his parents claims that we are already married!!! music to my ears...feeling's nice..though we're not yet married. we're planning to get married this year, but since his brother died, we're postponing it next year..

their place is so peaceful. it's near the beach, their house is antique surrounded by coconut trees. their place is white sand. and to think that i'm just in the back part of boracay.. i love their accent too. his sisters are pretty. and his brother whose in Manila right now has a resemblance of Zoren Legaspi, as in!!! Handsome... but nothing compares to my fiance...

Friday, February 15, 2008

Freaky Friday

it's all in the's a total mess now to us, payroll, imagine, we're suppose to release salaries coz its the 15th of the month and yet the checks got stranded in Manila!!!! and to hell, all agents are complaining their ass out coz they got no bread to feed their folks! so instead of a day off tomorrow, we're going back just to release these checks. i'm doing cash request for ramp but to hell, they're tooooo many and i was like manualing the computation just to check their exceeded hours!! it's nearly 10pm yet i havent finished my work. Ria, Carol and I went to have a snack and yet all we did was laugh and laugh. hahaha exchanging nonsense stories but its fun. but still we're meeting deadlines coz next week is audit week. fart! we're going to be audited. how i just wish we pass..gotta go now. buhbye! my fiance's waiting for me.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tomorrow and the day after every day

hey, did I forgot to tell that I just had my performance appraisal? i think i passed but its a low score.that's ok, i'm still new pa naman. how i would die to be regularized, you know why? coz it's toooooo hard to look for a job, my god i swear!!!! i've experienced it!!! and i nearly gave up. luckily, Ventus got me! weeeeeee!!!! unlike at SM before, my god they failed me on my first appraisal! that's pakin' shit man. it's just that i dont get along with my freakin supervisor who doesnt even know how to spreak english FLUENTLY. Really!!! and to think that all of them there are so unprofessional except for pawie, who was my only friend there and i'm so greatful that she's resigning. and i'm thankgul for what happened to me(you know... the ummm?) that gave me the urge to get out of that hell. that's why i advise everyone... don't apply at SM. i swear your life will be miserable.

anywayz, tomorrow will be another busy day as usual, im always busy. i cant even remember to retouch and comb my hair!!! payroll cut-off!!! meeting deadlines again and freaking out again!!! i'm pissed off of the agents complain about their salary. but as what i always remind myself, I'm HR and HR is to guarantee customer service. heh!!! should they be abusing us, they can no longer receive their salary, mark my word!!!

Hearts Day

valentine's day..but i cant date!!! why? coz i'm on a night shift and my fiance will just drive me home. that's fine, we can have a post valentine instead, hihihi...i dont have a special gift for him but ya know what i thought? i bought him a mister donut belgian bites with a small teddy bear.. does that sound girlish? but it's the thought that counts naman e..but the sad thing was, we're on a petty fight :( how will i give my gift to him? i'll just try my best to be a lil sweet to him. and hopefully the begian bites will cheer up his mood.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


don't i have a happy thought to write in here?its ash wednesday and i wasn't able to go get my forehead ashed coz of this stupid time reports that need to submit before tomorrow!!! and to the fact that my fiance doesnt have load, it's too sad knowing that no one is texting me. he's my only textmate!!!...speaking, i wanted to be with him na. but when? the more i count the days, the more it gets too long for the time to come. im, still scared it might happen again, you know.. my trauma. and to think that i dont want to stay at home na. i just hate the way my folks talk about how life is so hard... talking bout words of disencouragement. it's just too annoying. how i wish i could answer them back but im just watchfull of their blood pressure. when will this end?!!!!!

Monday, February 4, 2008


again..for payroll.. i couldn't imagine how stressful it is to pay all employees from the hours they rendered. but it's fun though. i just hate it when they submit their time reports late and when they see their deductions they would complain like as if they were the boss. if only i could answer them back...


i dont know what to do with the people at home. they don't understand what's going on me!!! i hate them for interfering my lovelife!!! like do they know what's really happening?!! i dont want to share all my problems to them. they don't understand and they will never understand. i dont wanna seek their opinions either.