Thursday, January 31, 2008


i dont feel like myself yesterday and even today. i had a misunderstanding with him that i started it the whole situation. as usual, i'm the one with the pea brain. he said he'll stop everything and i got paranoid!!! i was like, "This is happening again..." i just don't feel like talking to all the people in the house especially mom, she just doesn't seem to care anymore whether or not im home. yah, i know, she loves my brother more than i. it's ok, im close with lola naman e. how i wish i'm married so i could have my separate life from them. but maybe that would take a long time to happen, or maybe it won't happen. i don't feel comfortable with anybody right now. i just want to be alone. but i'm talking to him tonight. we want to clear up things. i want to save US...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


yesterday was great! i had dinner with my highschool girlfriends at Paprika, RIverside Boardwalk. hayyyy, nakakamiss. way back in highschool, we're like talking about crushes and boybands, but just yesterday, we're talking about marraige. hehe... most of us were married and has kids already. Well i'm next in line.. i'm just too caight up with our laughs that i'm suppose to go home! my fiance and my dad were like "puli na!!! my duty ka pa bwas!!!" hehehe they're funny. oh well, days are not yet over. i'll still see these gals anytime anywhere. these are the girls that stay for last.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Friends for Life

i've had so many friends in my growing up years. i'm not a typical friend who would be the very best friend ever. but i'm not a traitor. i keep secrets, i can be an adviser, a companion and a chat mate. i love sharing things to friends who can be trusted. inhad this friend once, she would always buzz be of what's happening to my life until we became enemies and just reported all my confidentialities to the whole workplace, how i would love to kill her. from that time on i stopped communicating with her. i had close friends way back but they seem to interfere my love life. i had one friend hus very witty and funny but i didn't last to my employer so we didn't bond that much. she's my cuz' friend also. and my present friends here at call center. they're cool. so patient and understanding. i love being with them. it motivates me to work at my best because they had the impression of a Team.


i get annoyed by agents barging in the office without even greeting or being polite. then they would ask "can i get my check?" or "i would like to ask bout the salary.." or "why did i just receive this amount?" it's like they treat us like ATM machines here. grrrrr!!! how i would like to answer them back. but i just put in mind that i'm HR and HR should promote patience and employee displine. if only i could not release their salary...but were after Labor watch...

my partner

i love my fiance. we're planning to get married na this year. happy ko coz we're doin fine. we jive along together even though sometimes we're like cats and dogs when fighting. my family loves him, lola loves him. hehe. i've been hurt so many times. hopefully it won't happen this time.sometimes i get so worried lang if he's not beside me, and when he hangs out with friends. i get this thinking that he might cheat and do something behind my back. just last night, he's so mad at me for doubting him. scared lang me. don't wanna lose him.