Wednesday, June 4, 2008


There are certain things that I would like to be thankful about. Things that I thought I would never have and would never experience in my life. First, my job. I've always wished to work at well known company that would I can benefit my whole life. Before I graduated from college, I dreamed on working at the Human Resources department. My past jobs were not so generous in giving me the oppurtunity till ePLDT Ventus found me. Now, I am with the Human Resources Payroll, oha?! hehehe.

Next is the working environment. I've never been motivated in my life since I joined Ventus HR. Why? Because all my co-workers here are helping me out. We are a team and we had an unbelievable HR Manager.

I've never been happier when the man in my life was finally given to me. I had some failed relationships in the past and I almost thought that I would forever be a failure. This guy loved me so much and I can see it in him. He loved me and my family and even my lola hehehe. Not to mention that I also love his family and his family loved me too!! I'm so close with his sisters.

Finally, my parents liked him for me. Finally and totally finally. My mom never welcomed any guys at home before. Now, the house is an open house for Jet..Thank you Lord. Happy nako.. Favor, will you ring the bells for me next year? hehehe what I mean is wedding bells...

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